Cost and Prices in Transport

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Cost and Prices in Transport

Subject and scope of the course

In every economic sector, costs and prices determine supply and demand. In the transport sector, the private costs incurred or generated by individuals and companies generally differ from social costs on the cost side, and the cost structure is often characterised by economies of scale. Market-based pricing then leads to inefficiencies in the provision of services (e.g. road capacity, public transport lines) and the satisfaction of demand (number of car trips or flights during peak load periods). For almost all modes of transport, this can justify government intervention in pricing and justify regulation. The aim of the course is the detailed presentation, analysis and discussion of these interrelationships, with a focus on private individual transport, public transport and air transport. Students will be enabled to independently analyse problems specific to transport modes and, building on this, to develop appropriate solutions.

Major Transport Policy, Specialization 2/2

This course gives an overview of the theoretical and practical background of cost and prices in transport.

The course consists of a 2 SWS lecture and a 2 SWS tutorial.

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Lecture: Thursday 16:40, room FAL 002 (see schedule)

Tutorials: Monday 13:00, room POT 51 (start on-site: week 14)
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