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ThermoEint project

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is a project sponsored by ESF (European Social Fonds) that aims at an internationalization of the degree of mechanical engineering in the TU Dresden. 

This is going to be made through the design of self-assessment exercises. These exercises will be offered in English and will be specifically designed for the subject’s content. They will allow international students to have a better preparation for exams and lectures of technical thermodynamics (as pilot project for other mathematic-based subjects) without language barriers and improved learning conditions. Also German students will benefit by these exercises since they can familiarize with English concepts, which will prepare them better for abroad study programs. The project has specifically the following points:

  • Development of a set of questions in English language with a thermodynamic-mathematical content. They will be mainly intended for international students but also for German students.
  • Extension of the online exercises database.
  • Construction of a feedback tool for gathering student comments.
  • Adaptation of the exercises to a better exam preparation. The know-how will transferred to other areas of engineering in the TU Dresden.
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