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Information for new international students

PDF document on various topics at the beginning of studies in Freiberg

Gruppe Internationaler Studierender auf dem Schlossplatz in Freiberg

Illustration: Group of international students during the orientation days in Freiberg

In "Download" new international students can obtain PDF documents on the following topics:

  • Formalities after arrival in Freiberg
  • Studying in Freiberg - Structure of the TU BAF, contact details for institutions and persons, dates in the academic year and more
  • Operation of the OPAL teaching-learning platform
  • The personal user account of the data center, webmail, Uniinfo, self-service portal
  • creating a timetable online, find courses and venues in the online course catalogue

Video "Formalities after arrival"

Recording of the webinar Orientation Days in the winter semester 2021/2022

Speaker: Manuela Junghans, International Office

Date of recording: 05 October 2021

See the video


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