2020/2021 WiSe FOMT 1.3 'Urban Forestry in the Tropics'

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TU Dresden | Wintersemester 2020 / 2021 2020/2021 WiSe FOMT 1.3 'Urban Forestry in the Tropics'

Urban Tree Management for Sustainable Developement of Green Cities

Trees often and quickly gain a bad reputation, caused by falling branches or entire trees, roots in sewage drains, neighbors fighting over fruit and leaves littering their gardens, health issues from pollen allergies, etc. The problem caused by city trees are usually more conspicuous and have greater ramifications. Their advantages can often be difficult to record and to assess. As a result, the negative impacts are much more widely discussed, whereas extensive papers about their positive aspects are rare.

This modul, therefore aims to raise awareness of the positive impacts and benefits of urban trees and their importance to city dwellers. Course contents are taught using seminars, self-managed learning, lectures, exercises and excursions.

Goals of qualification:

Graduates receive the capability to recognize and evaluate peculiarities, problems, and benefits related to greening and woody species in urban and peri-urban landscapes. Teaching personnel involved in module 1.3 are specialists and are committed to improving the knowledge transfer. The aim of this module is to qualify the participants by teaching theoretical and practical knowledge from tree biology to the specific environmental and social conditions. The successful completion of this course shall ensure students skills and knowledge in maintenance, sustainable management and planning of multifunctional green spaces, peri-urban forests and tree plantations.


With this module students will learn:

  • fundamentals, methods and tools of urban tree management;
  • the state of art in the field of urban forestry and tree biology;
  • positive effects and uses of urban trees, green spaces and peri-urban forests;
  • features, requirements and selection criteria for urban trees;
  • conditions and problems of urban trees;
  • governance and management aspects;
  • environmental education programs.
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