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Institut für Hydrobiologie | Wintersemester 2021 / 2022 MHSE01 Statistics

Applied Statistics and Practical Data Analysis with R

MHSE01 - Statistics

Module: Statistics (for HSE), see module compendium for details
Professor in charge: Dr. Thomas Petzoldt
Semester: winter term
Module character:

1.5 hours of lectures per week
1.5 hours of tutorial per week (in the computer pool)

self study

Credit points: 5 cp
The module is compulsory for the Master Course Hydro Science and Engineering.
Recommended semester 1st semester
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of mathematics for engineers, in particular solving of equation systems, differential and integration calculus and probability methods, computer aided skills in spreadsheet calculation and basic knowledge of a programming environment.
Examination: The module exam is a written examination (90 minutes).
Schedule: The course is scheduled with 3 hours per week. This means that exercises may not be held every week.

Applied Statistics for Master Hydroscience and Engineering

Contents and qualification aims: Descriptive statistics, discrete and continuous probability distributions, parameter estimation, statistical modelling, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, parametric, nonparametric and resampling tests, introduction to variance analysis, correlation and regression analysis. Aims of qualification are the development of skills and abilities for problem oriented work using statistical methods and operations including selected software.

Target group: Master Hydroscience and Engineering

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