Training in Particle Technology

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Training in Particle Technology

Dates and infos in the winter semester (WS) 2021/2022

The lectures are provided as screencasts online in this OPAL course!  (see: Lecture Screencasts)

The tutorials are both online and on site in Freiberg. If you are in Freiberg, take part in the tutorials on Friday, 16:00 - 17:30, in FOR-0270. If you are anywhere else, the online tutorials will be provided in the form of screencasts as well. See below for the dates of the offline tutorials. For the schedule of the online tutorials and the corresponding feeback rounds, see the Tutorials folder.

The course is part of the TU Bergaklademie Freiberg Virtual Faculty.

The feedback rounds use the virtual classroom in this course structure or a separate BigBlueButton room:

The dates, on which the offline tutorials will be held, are (with the name of the tutor in brackets):
05.11.2021 – Particle Size Distributions I (Christian Wilke)
12.11.2021 – PSD II (Christian Wilke)
19.11.2021 – PSD III (Christian Wilke)
26.11.2021 – Partition Curve I (Christian Wilke)
03.12.2021 – PC II (Christian Wilke) [cancelled]
10.12.2021 – Sedimentation I (Thomas Buchwald)
17.12.2021 – Sedimentation II (Thomas Buchwald) [also in FOR-2070]
07.01.2022 – Porous Media Flow (Thomas Buchwald)
14.01.2022 – Cake Filtration (Thomas Buchwald)
21.01.2022 – Particle-Particle Interactions (Jan Nicklas)
28.01.2022 – Partition Curve II (Christian Wilke)
10.02.2022, 11:30–13:00 – Test Run on the Exam Site, takes place online in the Classroom of this course!
11.02.2022 – Exam Prep

If you have any questions regarding the course, its topics, or other related or unrelated things, you may leave a comment on the board you find on the left in the course structure.


Notes on the examination

The exam will take place online. The link to the exam is:

You will need to have logged into the exam server at least once to be added to the course node. Please do so ASAP.

The module aims at recalling the fundamentals of particle technology. It is set up using special exercises to practice scientific and technological calculations of particle size distributions and fundamental micro-processes. The principles of the mechanical micro-processes are introduced.

The exercises also apply the fundamental approaches (micro-processes) to describe and to design process equipment. This will be done using case studies.

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