TU Bergakademie Freiberg | Semester overlapping CE COSP

Circular Economy and Raw Materials Competence for Sustainable Production


Based on a need for raw material solutions for a sustainable European mobility industry, you will be trained in the CE COSP course together with PhD students from other European universities. As future experts in manufacturing and material science you will develop a circular perspective, innovation competence and an entrepreneurial mind set focussing on recyclability of new materials. The course combines blended learning with practical parts in industry and training on entrepreneurship and innovation.


The course is based on innovative elements including blended learning and constructivist methods. In CE COSP you will get the opportunity to reflect and adjust your research to contribute better in the transformation to a more resource efficient and circular utilization of primary and secondary raw materials. Further, via clear integration of entrepreneurial mindset there is an opportunity for contribution together with the other attendees of green growth in Europe.

Sustainable production relates to among other aspects; raw material efficiency, circularity, toxic free technologies and costs. In order to achieve positive environmental gains, such aspects have to be considered in a holistic view. In practice this means that the use of raw materials in production downstream has to be managed carefully. It is a prerequisite to sustainable management to have relevant knowledge about raw material. The course CE COSP therefore provides both: theory and practical competence about raw materials using constructivist teaching.

A 5 days field trip to industry and a 3 days training at Tallin Technical University in Estonia complete the course.  



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