2019/2020 Proseminar: Experimental nuclear and particle physics

TU Dresden | Wintersemester 2019 / 2020 2019/2020 Proseminar: Experimental nuclear and particle physics


The IKTP-Proseminar "Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics" will cover a wide range of topics in fundamental physics relevant to much of the research performed at the IKTP. Guidelines for scientific presentations will be given and the proseminar talks will be analyzed.


Thursday, 6. DS. (16:40 - 18:10), SE2/201

Chairman: Dr. K. Schmidt

Organizer: Steffen Turkat (steffen.turkat@tu-dresden.de)

  • The language of this Proseminar is English.
  • During the first seminar on 17 October 2019 the general procedure, as well as some important presentation skills will be discussed.

How to participate/apply?

  • Please contact the organizer (steffen.turkat@tu-dresden.de) via email as soon as possible and indicate three preferred topics from the list below (The crossed out topics are already chosen). Also add your matrikel number to the Email.
  • Alternatively simply show up in the first seminar and pick one of the remaining topics.

About the presentation

  • Preparatory meetings: 2 meetings for each talk, further details by email
  • Every talk will last 30 minutes
  • All necessary materials will be provided after all topics are distributed
  • Talks should be given with prepared slides in English (laptop, beamer and pointer will be provided)
Information about access
  • This content is accessible under the following condition: Institution contains the value TU Dresden