Guide to German Language Courses at HTWD

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HTW Dresden | Semester overlapping Guide to German Language Courses at HTWD

German Language Courses Introduction

Link to the placement testGoethe Institut - Placement test

Wie viele Punkte haben Sie erreicht? Welches Modul können Sie bei uns besuchen?

How many points have you achieved? Which module can you attend with us?

3 bis 5 Punkte: Modul S031 DaF A1.II

6 bis 11 Punkte: Modul S033 DaF A2.II

12 bis 17 Punkte: Modul S035 DaF B1.II

18 bis 23 Punkte: Modul S037 DaF B2.II

24 bis 30 Punkte: Modul S039 DaF C1.II 


Register for the modules in the sommer semester 2024 here: Registration


If you have other questions, you can come in person on 05.03.2024. 


05.03.24 at 12.30 - 1:30 p.m.



Your step-by-step guide to German language courses at HTWD

Welcome! Please follow instructions closely.

Step 1: Finding the right course.

If you are an absolute beginner, please enrol in course S030 (DaF A1 I/SI)


In any other case, please use the Goethe Institut placement test at this link before you enrol:

Einstufungstest - placement test

Step 2: Enrolling in the right course


If you have attended level A1, please enrol in course S033 (DaF A2 II/SI). 

If you have attended level A2, please enrol in course S035 (DaF B1 II/SI).

If you have attended level B1, please enrol in course S037 (DaF B2 II/SI).

If you have attended level B2, please enrol in course S039 (DaF C1 II/SI).


Please enrol now:


German Module A1 - C1 - Enrolment


If any queries remain, please contact Ms Rinaldi-Mielitz per email:

Step 3: Beginning to learn German at HTWD

You will only be able to begin if you have enrolled in your selected course.

The courses start on 11 March 2024.   


We look forward to seeing you. smile

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