Diskrete Optimierung / Discrete Optimization (645)

TU Chemnitz | Sommersemester 2020 Diskrete Optimierung / Discrete Optimization (645)

Diskrete Optimierung / Discrete Optimization (645)

Starts April 6, 13:45, by telephone- or video-conference; details will be sent to registered participants by email.

Content: Optimization over discrete ground sets, theory and practical methods of linear optimization with integrality constraints (linear integer programming), relaxations and dual problems, Lagrange relaxation and decomposition, integer cones and polyhedra, problems solvable in polynomial time, integer min-max results, cutting plane methods, semidefintie relaxation, approximation algorithms.

Organization: Lecture notes will be retrievable in advance. Please study those in advance, important aspects and questions will be discussed online during the time scheduled for the respective lecture (Mon 13:45 and Wed 13:45). Participants will be notified about the nature of the online meetings in time. Likely, we will all learn over time how to do this best!

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