Neuromorphic VLSI Systems

TU Dresden | Sommersemester

Neuromorphic VLSI Systems

Module "Neuromorphic VLSI Systems" for Electrical Engineering and Nanoelectronic Systems (NES)

The module consists of three parts:

  • Lecture on Neuromorphic Systems (Summer term 2023: Friday, 3. DS, GÖR 127)
  • Lecture on Design of Integrated CMOS Circuits (Summer term 2023: Monday, 5. DS, GÖR 226)
  • Lab on CMOS Circuit Design (Summer term 2023: Friday, 2. DS, online)

On the course page, you will find more information, materials and updates during the semester.

If you want to attend this course, please register twice:

  • On the chair's course page for lab work access
  • Here on OPAL for receiving e-mail notifications
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