Wireless Sensor Networks

System Architecture | Sommersemester 2021 Wireless Sensor Networks

On this portal the structure of the lecture and learning materials (video assisted PPT slides) are available.

In addition to the lecture parallel seminar sessions will be held. The seminar sessions involve the review of a research topic. For each topic a group of four students will be assigned. Members of the group will identify four recent research papers (not older than 3 years) and revise these papers by defining some aspects. Each member should review one paper. All paper should first be approved by Dr. Dargie. Without his approval the paper will not be accepted. Generally, papers should be high quality ACM or IEEE journal articles or should have been presented at a high quality conference. In the next step the group will come together to write a one-page summary and to prepare a 20 minutes’ presentation. Finally, the group will submit the summary and PPT slides and present to the whole class their topic.  The successful presentation is a mandatory or a prerequisite for sitting to the written exam. The schedule of the presentation will be announced in due time.


Wireless sensors are tiny, low-cost, low-power, multifunctional sensor nodes with the capability of sensing certain physical properties, data processing, and communication in short distances. A large amount of such sensor nodes organise themselves in a highly dynamic manner to carry out a coordinated sensing task which covers a very large area such as a mining field or a battle zone. Unlike traditional networks, establishing wireless sensor networks impose specific challenges owing to the fact that the sensors are resource constrained and, by and large, unattended. This lecture will focus on proposed self-organising algorithms, medium access control and routing algorithms, query and localisation techniques, and data storage mechanisms.
Der Lehrveranstaltung hat zum Ziel ein komplettes Verstaednis der drahtlosen Sensoren, der Netze, der Architektur, der Protokolle und der Anwendungen zu erwerben
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