TU Bergakademie Freiberg | Sommersemester 2020 Environmental Geochemistry

- or how to deal with environmental geochemical data

This graduate lecture-based module targets graduate students, interested in environmental aspects of geochemistry. Since applications of environ geochem show enormous bandwidth, we largely focus on larger geochemical datasets as learning tool to derive meaningful interpretations of evidence found in nature or the anthroposphere. In addition to the lecture, which presents a sequence or real world examples from various continents and climate zones, the exercise in seminaristic form teaches how to practically deal with data at a basic level. A 2-day excursion and field lab exercise provides ample opportunity to discuss specific issues and to use simple methods in the field as proxy for more complex investigations.

You should have an interest in geochemistry (and ideally visited some Introduction to Geochemistry lecture before - and you should like to figure out, what data sets require (quality) and may deliver (true insight). Freiberg students of geoecology, and of geosciences, including the International Master of Environmental Geoscience (MGEX) are key target groups for this module.   

Update April 12, 2021

We continue tomorrow, April 13 at 09:30 hrs with the second lecture. I am trying a Zoom meeting so that we can register the lecture and make it available to students who cannot participate due to double event booking. Please go to https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9260960815?pwd=VWw2QlorTFFCb0FMRXEwckdLQ1BVQT09. The meeting ID is 926 096 0815. If you are being asked for a code, it is 8c4r9q.

The same applies for the seminar, since we have mode dynamic options via Zoom.

As backup in case of problems, we will switch to https://bbb.hrz.tu-freiberg.de/b/jor-cu5-wuw-gkq

All best and see you tomorrow.

Jörg Matschullat

to come very soon
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