2020/2021 WiSe FOMT 1.2 Forest Related Development Policy and Culture

TU Dresden | Wintersemester 2020 / 2021 2020/2021 WiSe FOMT 1.2 Forest Related Development Policy and Culture

Goals of qualification: The students are able to diagnose and to assess social systems as linked with ecosystems and with respect to their historical dimension. This comprises the application of  sociological analysis instruments and explanatory models. They recognized political structures and their mode of functioning at different levels and interlinking with politics, socio-economy, land use, forestry, environment protection and nature conservation. They are able to handle political instruments and to assess their functioning.

They are capable of analysing, understanding and modelling the cultural conditions regarding the interrelationship of humans and forests.

Contents: Development models as a frame for policy and process analyses in regard to forest, land and environment in tropical countries. Political instruments with relevance for forest, nature conservation and local livelihoods of the indigenous population. Processes of institutional change, participation of stakeholder groups and potential consequences.

Theoretical fundaments of cultural ecology and ethnology, local moral and spiritual/religious concepts, connections between humans and forest. Traditional forest use in the tropics, colonial and post-colonial influences and changes as well as the influence of globalisation.

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