2020/2021 WiSe FOMT 2.1 Desing and Planning of Research

TU Dresden | Wintersemester 2020 / 2021 2020/2021 WiSe FOMT 2.1 Design and Planning of Research

Goals of qualification: The students are able to apply scientific methods for data collection, data analysis and evaluation of the results within the complex environment of a tropical country. They are prepared to design a research plan for the Master thesis. The capability of writing and evaluating scientific papers is further developed. The students are qualified to independently elaborate research projects.

Contents: Hermeneutic fundamentals as well as analytical methods in natural science, engineering and social sciences. Quantitative-statistical and qualitative assessment and evaluation methods. Standards of scientific publications and strategies for their implementation. Research plan for a topic out of the thematic fields of ecology, technology or socioeconomics and culture in the tropics including work plan.

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