2020/2021 WiSe FOMT 2.2 Planning at Project and Landscape Scales

TU Dresden | Wintersemester 2020 / 2021 2020/2021 WiSe FOMT 2.2 Planning at Project and Landscape Scales

Goals of qualification: The students are qualified for independently planning of projects, for controlling the implementation and evaluation. They are aware of influence factors for human behaviour and learning and are able to develop extension strategies as well as to support processes within an intercultural context. They develop qualifications for teamwork, communication, presentation and moderation and can understand and analyse interactions in the sectors with respect to synergies and competition.  They are familiar with methods of multi-sectoral land use planning as well as with disciplinary and interdisciplinary concepts for sustainable land use management.

Contents: Methods to analyse problems and strengths, to identify objectives; methods and tools for project and program planning, the implementation of which and monitoring as well as impact assessments in developing and emerging countries, including the project environment, stakeholders, project economy and efficiency, learning and innovations, as well as methods of forestry extension. Elaboration in work groups of planning documents for a forestry or agroforestry project. Methodical principles of integrated land use planning and management at the level of landscapes in regard to specific interests, requirements and activities of the sectors and stakeholder groups.

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