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TU Dresden | Wintersemester 2020 / 2021 Bubbles, Foam and Froth

Bubbles, Foam and Froth

This course deals with bubbles, foam and froth. Dispersed bubbles in liquids play an important role in many processes, because of the large contact area between gas and liquid. Often, the formation of stable foam in such systems has to be avoided. In other processes, like froth flotation, foam and froth constitute an essential ingredient.

The lecture includes fundamentals like surfactants and interface properties. Then bubble generation, break-up and coalescence will be discussed. The main focus is on foam and froth, covering stability and coarsening, drainage and rheology.

All aspects are discussed with regard to industrial applications and ongoing research. existing measurement techniques, sensors and numerical approaches are discussed. Small exercises support the understanding of the topic.  

Date:       Weekly, Friday, 3rd DS (11:10-12:40), starting Oct 30th

ACCESS: The Lecture will be given using ZOOM. Please send me an Email in advance to sascha.heitkam(a) and I will send you the Meeting-ID and the password

Format:   Due to COVID-19 regulations the lecture will be given electronically.

                Recordings will not be provided.

Language: deutsch/english (depending on the audience)

Duration: 2 SWS Lecture (WS 20/21)

Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. Sascha Heitkam, sascha.heitkam(at)



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