Lecture Organizational Behavior

TU Dresden | Wintersemester 2020 / 2021 Lecture Organizational Behavior

Lecture Organizational Behavior

Master Course (MA-WW-BWL-2001/D-WW-WIWI-2001)

Lecturer: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Sebastian Störmer

Course Content:

Organizational Behavior (OB) is an interdisciplinary field of research. Integrating insights from (social) psychology, sociology, and anthropology, its major aim is the explanation, prediction, and manipulation of human behaviors in work organizations. In this course, students will learn about the foundations of OB. We will, for instance, discuss the influence of personality or emotions on behavior in organizational settings. The willingness to deal with theories and concepts from the disciplines informing OB scholarship, especially psychology, is a prerequisite.

Learning Objectives:

The course has the following objectives:

  • To promote a theory-driven, systematic analysis of human behavior in organizational settings
  • To enhance students’ people management skills and to prepare them for future leadership roles
  • To facilitate interdisciplinary learning and thinking

To accomplish these objectives, students will have to regularly engage in self-study besides preparing/participating in the lecture.

Enrollment: It is recommended that students have bachelor level knowledge of organizations and management – for instance, obtained upon successful completion of the bachelor course “Organisationsmanagement”. Furthermore, good to very good command of the English language, corresponding to the GERS B2 level or higher, is recommended. The number of participants is limited to 50 individuals. The selection is based on the order of enrollment. The deadline for enrollment will be 16.10.2020, 12:00pm.

Credit Points: 5

The credit points are earned when the module examination has been passed. The module examination is a written exam (90 minutes). Grading for the module depends on the performance in the written exam.

Course Language: English

Schedule: The lecture is scheduled for Tuesdays, 14:50-16:20, beginning 27.10.2020. Lectures will be held in a digital format. Please note that this schedule is tentative due to the Corona-virus and related ongoing developments. Please regularly check OPAL for updates.

Main Reading:

Robbins, S. P., & Judge, T. A. (2017). Essentials of Organizational Behavior (global ed.) (14th ed.). Harlow, UK: Pearson.

Further Readings:

Uhl-Bien, M., Piccolo, R. F., & Schermerhorn Jr., J. R. (2019). Organizational Behavior (2nd ed.) Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

Additional readings may be introduced in class.

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