Logic and Science of Computational Logic Repetition

TU Dresden | Wintersemester 2020 / 2021 Logic and Science of Computational Logic Repetition
In this event, I will discuss basic concepts of the lectures logic and science of computational logic. We will meet once a week in room 2008 where I will answer questions of interested students. The course is considered to be a repetition class for students who want to participate in the exams of the module MCL-F in this winter term.
The repetition class will be Mondays at 2:50 pm in room 2008. It will start Nov 2, 2020. We may shift the class to Mondays at 4:40 pm if this is more convenient for the students.

Please be aware that this is not a lecture, but I will answer questions.
On Nov 2 we will focus on propositional logic. 
On Nov 9 we will focus on first-order logic.
On Nov 16 and 23 we will continue with first-order logic.
Please have your questions ready when joining the event. Many thanks


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