Seminar: Innovation & Value Creation - WS 21/22

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TU Chemnitz | Wintersemester 2021 / 2022 Seminar: Innovation & Value Creation - WS 21/22

Please be informed that the seminar takes place digitally.

Registration for the seminar is possible from 01.10.2021 by clicking on "Einschreibung" (registration) below.

Managing Innovation is a key task for organizations and changed a lot due to technological opportunities. In this seminar you will learn basics about innovation management with its processes and tools with a special focus an technology based innovation processes. As a seminar it is you who make those topics fruitful to you with discussions and presentations.


  • Scientific Writing
  • Ten Types of Innovation
  • Innovationmanagement
  • Innovation Processes
  • Open Innovation
  • Lead User
  • Mass Customization
  • Value Creation

The study and exam achievements are five practical tasks as well as a final paper of 10-15 pages about one of the topics in the seminar.

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