2020/2021 Theoretical particle physics and multi-loop renormalization

TU Dresden | Wintersemester 2020 / 2021

2020/2021 Theoretical particle physics - multi-loop renormalization

Important information:


Please inscribe for the course by email to Dominik Stöckinger as soon as possible. This is important to plan how to do the lectures.

Current plan: On Thursdays we will videotape the lecture and put it on Youtube as soon as possible. Up to 8 people may be present in the lecture room  to attend the lecture directly. But it will be possible to follow the lecture also via the videos. The Wednesday time slot will be used for either online or offline discussions, extra lecture material, and exercises. This will depend in particular on the number of participants (and whether participants are not able to be physically present at TUD).


Mittwoch, 4.DS. (13:00-14:30), WIL/C203

Donnerstag, 2.DS. (09:20 - 10:50), ASB/114



Prof. Dr. D. Stöckinger


Prof. Dr. D. Stöckinger

Übersicht und Motivation

The lecture will be on a specific advanced topic of quantum field theory/elementary particle theory, which may be of vital importance for the decade 2020-2030. Ultra-high precision of theory predictions will become necessary, leading to the need for an understanding of renormalization theory at an unprecedented level of detail. The lecture aims at beginning and advanced Master students, PhD students and others with an interest in advanced quantum field theory and renormalization theory. (In case of no prior exposure to QFT, participants are urged to also attend a basic QFT lecture in parallel).

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