Quantum and Solid State Physics

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TU Dresden | Wintersemester

Quantum and Solid State Physics





Lecture:                     Monday      2. DS (09.20 - 10.50 am) SCH/A316/H

Lecture/Exercise:     Thursday    3. DS (11.10 - 12.40 am)  ZEU/148/U


10.10.2022 09.20




Prof. Dr. Gianaurelio Cuniberti and Dr. habil. Dmitry Ryndyk




In the lectures, the fundamentals of solid state physics based on quantum mechanics and relating to bonding types, elastic, thermal, electronic, thermodynamic, and transport properties of solids are taught. 

The following main topics are covered:

  • Foundations of quantum mechanics: from the Schrödinger equation to the interatomic potential
  • Bonds in solids: van der Waals, ionic, covalent, and metallic bonds
  • Crystal structures
  • Lattice vibrations, phonons, and thermal properties
  • Electronic structure of solids
  • Transport phenomena in solids

The lecture material is deepened in the exercises and discussed with the help of simple examples.

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In this lecture, we will lay down the basic principles of Quantum Physics and discuss topics of Solid State Physics. The target audience are students of Organic and Molecular Electronics Master's Program (OME) and Nanoelectrtonic Systems Master's Program (NES).
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