Introduction To Organic Field Effect Devices

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TU Dresden, cfaed | Wintersemester 2022 / 2023

Introduction To Organic Field Effect Devices

This course gives an introduction into the topic of Organic Field Effect Transistors (OFETs), covering the fundamentals of the physics, materials, operation principles and electrical characteristics, as well as device design and fabrication details.


  • Semiconducting Behavior and Charge Transport in Organic Materials: fundamentals, chemical, molecular, and physical principles, doping, charge transport types in organics
  • Materials and Interfaces for Organic FETs: metal-organic semiconductor junctions (contacts), organic and inorganic dielectric materials, MIS-Junctions, inversion in organic MIS structures
  • OFET Devices: operation principles, fundamental equations, IV characteristics and regimes, characteristic plots, origins of non-ideal device behavior
  • AC-response of OFETs, small signal models, vertical OFET geometries, aspects of OFET fabrication and patterning


  1. Bao, J. Locklin, “Organic Field-Effect Transistors”, 2007, CRC Press
    A. Koehler, H. Baessler “Electronic Processes in Organic Semiconductors”, 2015, Wiley-VHC
  2. W. Bruetting, Ch. Adachi, “Physics of Organic Semiconductors”, 2012 2nd ed., Wiley-VHC
    H. Klauk, “Organic Electronics”, “Organic Electronics II”, 2006, 2012, Wiley-VHC


  • OME Master


Important Note: The course will be held as video lecture series with video links being published in time for each week. For the video to work you have to be logged in to Videocampus to be able to play it.

  • weekly recorded lectures that will be available on Thursdays on OPAL
  • 2-3 Q&A meet-ups during the semester
  • oral exams (25 - 30 mins)
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