Biological Hydrodynamics - WS21/22

TU Dresden | Sommersemester 2022

Biological Hydrodynamics - WS21/22

Abstract: This class is divided in three parts and will cover hydrodynamics of passive fluids, hydrodynamics of active fluids, and biological pattern formation. We will review basics of continuum mechanics and equilibrium and non-equilibrium thermodynamics, linear response theory, Onsager relations, and the derivation of hydrodynamic equations both from microscopic rules and from a phenomenological approach using broken symmetries and conservation laws. Topics for passive fluids include thin film fluids and the statics and dynamics of nematic liquid crystals. Topics for active fluids include active nematic or polar fluids and biological fluids. Moving beyond linear response, we will discuss spatial chemical systems, bifurcation theory, and biological pattern formation. The class will end on coupled chemical and hydrodynamic pattern formation processes relevant for morphogenesis.


Scope: lecture: 2 hours/week; tutorials: 2 hours/week


Lecture every Wednesday 11:10am (3. DS)

Tutorial every Wednsday 9:20am (2. DS)


The next lectures & tutorials will be online. Please use the following zoom link:




Audience: Bachelor and Master Physics students; students from the CMCB-Master 'NanoBioPhysics'; Master students from the 'Computational Modeling and Simulation' course

Specialization area: Soft Condensed Matter and Biological Physics

Previous knowledge: Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics

Benjamin Friedrich (TU Dresden)

Aida Hashtroud (MPI PKS)


The examination (oral) is scheduled for March 4th. Please contact Anja Heinrich (CMCB student office) to register.


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