TU Dresden | Semester overlapping MT_I_HPSTS 20_21

MT_I_HPSTS 20_21

The basic goal of this seminar is to support students in writing an excellent MA-thesis by promoting the formations of good research plans and providing early feedback on Master-thesis proposals. As planning and conducting scientific research - often under high time pressure - and writing corresponding reports and articles is a very complex task, this course offers a continuous forum where related problems in the first phase of the thesis (finding a topic, writing a proposal, time management when planning a thesis) can be discussed. The course is structured for extensive student involvement (e.g., presentation of research proposals, discussion of results or methodological problems). Basic material (e.g., regarding APA-style for tables, figures, references,  how to formulate hypotheses; how to organize a master thesis that is written in cooperation with a company;) is presented and discussed.

After the introduction class (28.10.; 4-6 pm) we will have 2 days of presentations and exercises (13.11.20 and 5.2.21). Please sign in for these meetings!   

The objectives to be achieved in our course are:

  1. Promote ideas for excellent MA-thesis.
  2. Understanding and practicing the guidelines for preparing a MA-thesis proposal.
  3. Develop an understanding of how a MA-thesis should be structured and written.
  4. Getting constructive feedback on your MA-thesis project. Therefore, every person presenting a proposal/poster should be present in class presentations the whole day!
  5. Acquiring competence and first knowledge regarding publishing a MA-thesis.
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