Numerik Partieller DIfferentialgleichungen

TU Chemnitz | Sommersemester 2021 Numerical methods for partial differential equations

This is the OPAL website for the course "Numerical methods for partial differential equations".

Important Information:

  • Please register for the course in OPAL.
  • There are weekly consultations on Friday at 13:00-14:00 (first date: 09.04.2021)
  • There are live exercise lessons on Wednesday at 15:30-17:00 (firts date: 14.04.2021)
  • The live events will take place in the "Virtual class room" in this OPAL page.
  • In the section TODO-List the tasks for the each week will be announced.
  • In case of questions you can use the forum or write an email to Jan Blechta or Max Winkler.
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