So2021 Scientific Programming - Advanced Concepts

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Fakultät Mathematik | Sommersemester 2021

So2021 Scientific Programming - Advanced Concepts

The focus of this module lies on aspects of software development like programming on high-performance computers, object-oriented software design, generic (template-based) programming, and the efficient implementation of numerical algorithms. Additionally experience in analysis, application and extension of software and software libraries is developed. This module in the summer term especially focuses on software development with the programming language C++.

Three main learning goals can be formulated:

  1. You know how to program with modern C++, using generic programming and advanced techniques, like meta programming, expression templates, and concepts.
  2. You know how to use programming tools and you can apply these tools to debug, benchmark, and manage your code. The list of tools include compilers, build systems, version control, debuggers, and profilers.
  3. You can read, understand, and utilize (scientific) software libraries, like BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines), LAPACK (Linear Algebra Package), STL (Standard template library), Dune (framework for the discretization of partial differential equations), MTL4 (Matrix Template Library), Boost (portable C++ library).

There are exercises every week to practice the C++ programming. During the semester programming projects in groups are assigned. Important parts of the exercises are reviews of C++ code. You will get reviews for your own written code and have to perform reviews of the code of others in the course.

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