E124 (Bachelor) – Study Program Electrical Engineering / Elektrotechnik (PO 2017)

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E124 – Study Program Electrical Engineering / Elektrotechnik

Degree: Bachelor (PO 2017)

This course should give an overview of all modules in the study program E124 (Bachelor's degree, PO 2017).

  • Bachelor: 8 semesters with 180 ECTS credits
    • Semester 1 - 4 with part-time study (50%) plus extra German courses
    • 1st and 2nd semester start with English language, 3rd and 4th semester have a gradual transition to German-language courses
    • Semester 5 - 8 with full-time study and in German language 

The study schedule presented here is valid for Study start up to winter semester (WS) 2022/23.

You can easily switch directly to the OPAL courses of the individual modules.


  • All information listed here has been prepared with great care.
  • Nevertheless, inaccuracies can occur here. Therefore, this course serves only as an orientation guide. Binding information on exams, module owners, number of lectures, etc. can be found on Modulux and the corresponding Study and Examination Regulations (SO & PO).

Links to Modulux (incl. regulation documents, curriculum, exam schedule, description of all modules):


Abbreviations used here in the course:

German English                                  Description
SO Studienordnung Study Regulations lists all organizational rules of the study program
PO Prüfungsordnung Examination Regulations lists all rules regarding examinations in the study program
SWS Semesterwochenstunden               Semester hours per week time spent on courses at the university, 1 SWS corresponds to an average duration of 45 minutes in each week during the semester.
APL Alternative Prüfungsleistung Alternative Examination APLs usually take place during the semester, exist in various forms (reports, presentations, practical trainings ...) and can be ungraded or graded
SLK Schriftliche Leistungskontrolle Written Midterm Exam An APL equivalent to written exam approximately after the first half of a semester.
SP Schriftliche Prüfung Written Exam in general during the exam period, sometimes additional offerings during the semester
MP Mündliche Prüfung Oral Exam in general during the exam period, sometimes additional offerings during the semester
PVL Prüfungsvorleistung Prequiered Examination ungraded individual course achievements (during the semester), the passing is a prerequisite for admission to the respective module examinations.
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