Intercultural Awareness for Future Teachers

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TU Dresden | Wintersemester 2021 / 2022 Intercultural Awareness for Future Teachers

School classes in Germany are becoming increasingly multicultural. On the one hand, this is a great enrichment and broadening of horizons for all involved. But on the other hand, it also poses a challenge - especially for teachers - because with different cultural values come different perspectives on learning, teaching, and the interactions that are part of everyday school life. To respond appropriately in these situations, it is necessary to be well-prepared. In this workshop for student teachers, we will therefore address important cultural factors, beginning with an overview of culture and cultural understanding. We will then learn about our own cultural imprints, and from this knowledge we will look at selected cultural aspects in other cultures, primarily in relation to teaching and learning. We also look at differences in communication that may have cultural backgrounds and learn how to manage them effectively. In the last workshop session, there will be an intercultural exchange with students from Stellenbosch University (meet & greet). Together, the two student groups will analyse intercultural dialogues and critical incidents from the school setting in order to develop an awareness of culture-related misunderstandings and work out different options for action. The participants will get to know each other and work intensively together, sharing their perspectives and unique intercultural experiences.


Course profile

  • target group: students of all teaching degree programs at the TUD, with a strong interest in intercultural communication
  • number of participants from TUD: 15 max.
  • ECTS-Credit Points: 2 (corresponding to 60 hours work load)
  • learning methods: seminar, group work, case study, self-study
  • lecturer: Jyotika Dalal, M.A.
  • course language: English
  • course design: e-learning/virtual

Requirements of participation and assessment are:
  • a good command of the English language (at least B2 of the CEFR);
  • participation in a preliminary questionnaire concerning one‘s international/intercultural experiences, including a short motivation statement in English
  • active and mandatory participation in all three sessions (kick-off, workshops, meet & greet with students from Stellenbosch University, South Africa);
  • completing reflective and interactive tasks between the session dates;
  • getting involved in group discussions.
  1. Kick-off (obligatory): 6 October 2021, 13:00-14:30, digital (Zoom)
  2. Workshop (obligatory): 15 October 2021, 09:20-12:40, digital (Zoom)
  3. Workshop/meet & greet (obligatory): 29 October 2021, 09:20-12:40, digital (Zoom)
Examination & modules
The workshop is offered within the following modules (Ergänzungsbereich): EGS-SEGS, EGS-SEMS-1, EGS-SEGY-1, EGS-SEBS-1, EGS-SEBS-3. The exam corresponds to a „Kleine Leistung“ (2 LP).
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