VPrepProgramme Mastermodul: Biotechnology in Mining

TU Bergakademie Freiberg | Semester overlapping

VPrepProgramme Mastermodul: Biotechnology in Mining

In the course "Biotechnology in Mining" you will obtain knowledge about mechanisms of microbial leaching and its applications for biotechnological recovery of metals. You will learn about environmental problems associated with mine waters and you will obtain insights into strategies for biotechnological treatment and remediation of such waters. During the practical course you will obtain experience with methods and problems related to the cultivation of mining-associated microorganisms. In the seminar you will work with recent literature of the field and prepare presentations.

This module contains a lecture, a seminar, a practical course and an excursion.

Please be aware that the lab course is suited only for those participants who are proficient in the handling of microorganism (i.e. already participated in the module “Mikrobiologisch-Biochemisches Praktikum” or "Microbiology for Resorce Scientists").


For further reading:


  • W. Reineke & M. Schlömann Umweltmikrobiologie, Spektrum Akademischer Verlag
  • D.R. Lovley (Hrsg.) Environmental Microbe-Metal Interactions, ASM Press
  • D.E. Rawlings & D.B. Johnson (Hrsg.) Biomining, Springer
  • L.L. Barton & W.A. Hamilton Sulfate-reducing bacteria Environmental and engineering systems, Cambridge University Press





(Left: Scheme of a heap leaching plant; Right: Gold Heap Leaching Unit at the Madneuli Mine, India)


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