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Programming in JAVA

Welcome to the course "Introduction to Programming with Java", given by Prof. Dr. Marco Block-Berlitz. The course will
offer a few selected aspects of the following topics:

Part 1: Motivation and Java's smallest components
Part 2: Basic Principles of Program development
Part 3: Load and save data
Part 4: Use of simple data structures
Part 5: Debugging and error handling
Part 6: Extended class concept
Part 7: Deepening in object oriented topics
Part 8: Use and development of libraries
Part 9: Graphical user interfaces and GPUs
Part 10: Programming of applets
Part 11: Techniques of the program development
Part 12: Image processing (examples)
Part 13: Methods of Artificial Intelligence (examples)
Part 14: Development of larger applications
Part 15: Further concepts

Normally, a part can be worked out in a good day. Therefore, four of the presented parts were offered for this course.
Further parts are available in the German language textbook "Java-Intensivkurs - In 14 Tagen lernen Projekte zu realisieren",
Springer-Verlag, 2nd edition, 2009.

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