Fuzzy Description Logic (WS21/22)

TU Dresden | Wintersemester 2021 / 2022 Fuzzy Description Logic (WS21/22)

Lecture: Dr. Stefan Borgwardt
Tutorials: Dr. Patrick Koopmann

Course description

The course covers fuzzy Description Logics as formalisms for representing and reasoning with vague or imprecise knowledge. We will study several variants of fuzzy \(\mathcal{ALC}\) that differ from each other by their expressivity and their fuzzy semantics. For the logics where this is possible, we will cover practical methods for reasoning over them. However, we will also show that these logics easily become undecidable.

Pre-existing knowledge of description logics is not required for attending this course. All relevant information will be introduced at the beginning of the lecture.


The lecture will take place in BigBlueButton every week on Thursdays, 11:10-12:40, starting on Oct 14. Links to lecture videos recorded last year will be made available after each lecture. Accompanying lecture slides will also be published.

The tutorials will take place in BigBlueButton every week on Wednesdays, 16:40–18:10, starting on Oct 20. Exercise sheets will be made available one week before each tutorial.

Students can ask questions via e-mail and in the forum on this page (also anonymously).

Modules and Exams

The course encompasses 2/2/0 SWS.

The lecture can be used for the modules INF-BAS6, INF-VERT6, INF-PM-FOR, INF-B-510, INF-B-520, MCL-KR, MCL-TCSL, MCL-AI, CMS‑LM‑AI, CMS‑LM‑ADV.

Please contact Stefan Borgwardt for fixing a date for your oral examinations.

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