I928 - Applied Programming (Python)

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HTW Dresden | Wintersemester 2021 / 2022 I928 - Applied Programming (Python)
Welcome to the coming winter-semester at the HTW Dresden. This lecture is designed
as a beginners course in Python programming. It assumes that you have solid
computer skills and that you have a notebook computer of your own. There are
two practical programming sessions a week and it is assumed that you have watched
the weekly programming lecture video before the practical session. At the end of
the course there is a group programming project to be mastered and presented.

The learning philosophy of this class is focused on self-directed learning based
on task sets regarding the individual lecture topics. Self-directed learning
means you are responsible to work on these tasks, to discuss challenges, solution
approaches, problems or errors with other students and to ask me or other tutors
in case of problems.
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