Introduction to Mathematical Biology II: Continuum Models

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TU Dresden | Wintersemester 2021 / 2022 Introduction to Mathematical Biology II: Continuum Models

Introduction to Mathematical Biology II: Continuum Models

The life sciences are rapidly turning from qualitative to quantitative sciences. To integrate the increasing amount of data in a systematic way, development and application of mathematical models are required. The objective of this lecture series is to get acquainted with important mathematical models (deterministic, continuous models; differential and partial differential equations; stochastic processes; discrete models, cellular automata and complex networks). Together with accompanying tutorials participants receive a profound introduction to modern bio-mathematical concepts.

This semester's advanced course “Continuum Models” focuses on selected time-dependent processes from cell and developmental biology. Ordinary/partial differential equation models and their mathematical and computational analysis will be introduced, including stability analysis, bifurcation analysis, metabolic control analysis as well as the biological interpretation of the mathematical results. Model application will be demonstrated with examples from cell cycle regulation, cellular signal transduction, metabolic networks, spatio-temporal pattern formation during embryonic development and tissue regeneration. Computational tools including Copasi, XPP-AUT and Morpheus will be introduced and applied in tutorials.

This advanced course is suitable for but not restricted to (under)graduates in physics, mathematics, biology, computational modeling and simulation, medical and computer science - who already possess a solid understanding of math and/or physics.

  • Time
    Lectures: Tuesday, 16.40-18.10, Start: Oct. 26
    Tutorials: biweekly, Wednesday, 16.40-18.10, Start: Nov. 10
  • Location
    hopefully (and strictly observing any nG regulations) APB - E010, Faculty of Computer Science, Nöthnitzer Str. 46
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  • Lecturer: Dr. Lutz Brusch
  • Contact to coordinator: Prof. Dr. Andreas Deutsch, Tel. 463-31943,
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