SLUB Makerspace Safety Instructions

Here you can take the knowledge test for safety instructions. At the end you will receive a certificate, which you can download in the left menu bar under "Performance results". The certificate is valid for 6 months after passing the knowledge test.

We regularly delete all certificates from our Safety instructions course in OPAL at the end of each semester to ensure that the certificate is updated after you have taken the knowledge test several times.

Please make sure that you download and save your certificate from the Safety instructions course (cut-off dates winter term: 31.03., summer term 30.09.) We will send out a reminder email to you 2 weeks before the next semester starts.

What happens to my valid certificate and what do I have to do?

  • After we have deleted all certificates, your valid certificate in your overview will also disappear from OPAL. Please download your certificates before 31.03. or 30.09. at the latest.
  • Still valid certificates will remain valid. If you have a valid safety instructions certificate, you do not have to take the knowledge test again until the next due date.


Information about access
  • The content is accessible for members of the group "SLUB Makerspace".

In order to get access to the test, please enrol in the course SLUB Makerspace.