TUDMATH WS21/22 Bachelor Modul Math-Ba-WR10 [finished]

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TU Dresden | Wintersemester 2021 / 2022 TUDMATH WS21/22 Bachelor Modul Math-Ba-WR10 [finished]

Course Description

Mathematical modelling and numerical simulations form one of the cornerstones of applied mathematics in that they establishe a link between mathematics and other life sciences. In this lecture we discuss the fundamentals of mathematical modelling. On the one hand this comprises theoretical aspects such as the stages of modelling, model analysis and model reduction techniques as well as numerical methods to implement and solve models efficiently. On the other hand, on the applied side, we shall explore fundamental models in populations dynamics and epidemiology that form the foundation of today's efforts in understanding the spread of COVID-19.  


knowledge of the content of the following modules is expected Math-Ba-AN10, Math-Ba-AN20, Math-Ba-AN40, Math-Ba-LA10, Math-Ba-LA20, Math-Ba-NM10, Math-Ba-NM20, Math-Ba-PR10, Math-Ba-PR20


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