NanoOptics 2021/2022

TU Dresden | Wintersemester 2021 / 2022 NanoOptics 2021/2022
Nanooptics describes optical phenomena occurring at the length scale below the diffraction limit of approximately half the wavelength. Optical interaction between fluorescent molecules, between molecules and a metallic (plasmonic) or dielectric (phononic) surface, between nanoparticles, or the effect of surface enhanced Raman scattering used for nanoscale surface analysis, all base on these optical far- and near-field coupling effects. As such, nanooptics has the power of providing optical characterization on the 10-nm length scale, thus being applicable Ito many novel fields and nanodevices. Of importance, however, is the understanding and interplay of different physical effects such as damping, electric field enhancement, radiative and non-radiative transitions, and others more. This lecture will provide the necessary background, as well as the view into prospective applications.
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