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S052_English_C1_ESPS SS23_KUG

HTW Dresden | Semester overlapping

S052_English_C1_ESPS SS22_KUG

S052_English_C1_ESPS SS22_KUG

English for Special Purposes Seminar (ESPS): Students teach students


Fremdsprachenmodul des Sprachenzentrums der HTW Dresden für Englisch C1/Fachsprache



English for Special Purposes Seminar (ESPS): Students teach students

This semester you will teach your fellow students. In teams you will plan, prepare and hold an ESP seminar on a study-related topic of your choice. Your efforts will deepen your understanding of the subject matter, enhance your reading skills, help you acquire and use a range of technical terms and general vocabulary and train your communication skills in an academic context.

Participating in your fellow students' seminars will increase your knowledge and strengthen listening, speaking and writing skills. It will also equip you with relevant vocabulary, terminology and tips for further reading.

In this semester we will practice how to:

-research and access information

-read and understand specific texts

-acquire and learn specific vocabulary

-process and present information in an academic context

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