Future-Proof Software Systems (SoSe 2024)

TU Dresden | Sommersemester 2024 Future-Proof Software Systems (SoSe 2024)

Future-Proof Software Systems

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This course presents principles of software architecture for long-living, resilient and future-proof software systems. It  focusses on a specific type of software: Mission-critical, business-essential and long-lived software. Mission-critical means that a malfunction or unavailability of the software inhibits the use of the product or service and may cause damage, accidents or even loss of life. Business-essential implies that the software is key to the success and development of a company or organization. Finally, long-lived signifies that the software-system must be maintained, extended and evolved over many years, possibly decades. This type of software is called “future-proof software-system” and its architectural principles form  the topic of this lecture.

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