Lecture "User Interface Engineering" (UIE)

TU Dresden | Wintersemester 2022 / 2023

Lecture User Interface Engineering (UIE)

Lecture User Interface Engineering (UIE) WiSe 2022/23


  • The introduction to this lecture will take place on Wednesday the 12.10.2022 at 16:40 in APB E023.

  • CMS students have to insert the number of the module in which they want to include this course (until the 26.10.2022) via the menu item “Module Number CMS”. Only then will you be offically enrolled.

General Information

  • This course takes place in presence at the APB E023.
  • Course material is available in OPAL in the "Lecture Folder"
  • Each section consist of recorded videos of the lecture for better self-organization, remote participation and exercise preparation. These videos will each be privated after a week, so watch them in time.


In the future, effective user interfaces and attractive user experience will play an increasingly important role for products that are getting more and more functionally similar and immaterial.
Especially the development of novel, more natural user interfaces – including multi-touch tabletops, pen- or gesture-based interaction, mobile UIs and tangible UIs – places completely new demands on a structured development process. With classical software & usability engineering approaches, this process cannot be covered.
In this context, the lecture will explain modern development processes ranging from analysis to evaluation and present the involved techniques (focus: scenario-based design and user experience design). In addition to the engineering-centered approaches, creative design phases play an important role as well. These phases comprise the creation of sketches, drawings and early prototypes. In a semester-long project, the conveyed concepts and techniques will be used by small student teams for the development of novel UIs.

  • Basic User Interfaces (UI): historical development, interface types, design principles and usability guidelines
  • Basic Tasks and Components of UI Engineering
  • Imparting of goals, methods and concepts for the typical development phases such as analysis, design, prototypical development, testing, evaluation (user studies)
  • Comparison of selected development methodologies: usability engineering, user-centered design, scenario-based design, user experience, etc.
  • Integration of UI development processes into modern software development processes

Schedule/Lecture Plan (preliminary)


     Date     Lecture topic
12.10. at 16:40

Introduction Lecture
Introduction and History of User Interfaces


Requirement Analysis 
28.10. Sketching & Prototyping (video lecture
04.11. Introduction to Design Process
Design Phase: Activity Design
Design Phase: Information Design
Design Phase: Interaction Design
09.12. Evaluation: Introduction to Usability Evaluation
16.12. Evaluation: Analytical Evaluation
21.12.-03.01. Christmas Holidays
Evaluation: Empirical Evaluation 

Evaluation: Data Analysis & Statistics
Evaluation: Usability Evaluation in Scenario-based Development 

27.01. From Software to Usability Engineering 
03.02. Lecture Wrap-Up

 (schedule is tentative and subject to change)

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