Software as a Business (SAAB) (OPAL-Seite)

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Software as a Business (SAAB) (WS2022/23)

Software as a Business (SAAB) (WS2022/23)

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* TENTATIVE: Course takes place online and/or in E023. First week will be in presence, rest depends on pandemic status. Be aware, we will check your 3G status, to protect everybody's health (§14 GG). Let's meet 9:20 in E023!

* Lectures: Monday 2nd DS | Internship: Friday 5th DS

* Introductory slides with more information: Slides

Software as a Business - Lean Startup for Innovations and Startups

This course, Software as a Business (SAAB) teaches "lean startup" for software engineers and other interested people.

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