United Nations System WS 2022/23

TU Dresden | Wintersemester 2022 / 2023 United Nations System WS 2022/23
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Dominik Steiger
Time and Place Monday (5), GER/007
Start October 10, 2022
Eligible students Students enrolled in the Master’s degree in International Relations, mandatory for the 1st Semester
Content This course will provide an overview of the institutional setup of the United Nations. With regard to substantive law, the course will especially focus on Chapter VII (prohibition of the use of force and its exceptions). We will engage with current challenges by looking into relevant case studies, e.g. Iraq or Syria. Also, lawmaking by the Security Council will be discussed. Furthermore, questions of the UN's responsibility, e.g. for the 2010 Cholera outbreak in Haiti and Chapter VI UN Charter (peaceful settlement of disputes) will form the subject matter of the course.
Literature   Relevant literature will be provided during the course.
Further information The course will be held in English.





10. Februar 2023, 11:10 Uhr, ZEU/255


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