Postcolonial Englishes (VL Lange, WiSe 22/23)

TU Dresden | Wintersemester 2022 / 2023

Postcolonial Englishes (VL Lange, WiSe 22/23)

Lecture - Prof. Dr. Claudia Lange

What is ‘new’ about the New Englishes, and what is the difference between the labels ‘New Englishes’ and ‘Postcolonial Englishes’? Who counts as a native speaker of English, and how do ‘new’ Englishes differ from the ‘old’? This lecture takes you through the fascinating history of the globalization of English and the ensuing social, political, cultural and linguistic consequences. In particular, we will explore the status, form and function of Englishes across Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.

When: Wed 3.DS

Where: SCH/A01

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