212000-310 Oberseminar - Advanced Functional Materials WiSe 22/23

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212000-310 Oberseminar - Advanced Functional Materials WiSe 22/23

This Oberseminar for AFM Master students focuses on physics-related topics in the synthesis, fabrication, characterization, integration and application of advanced functional materials.  Enrollment for this course is open until November 11 2022. The seminar is scheduled for Mondays, 09:15h - 10:45h and starts on November 7, 2022.

The first two sessions on November 7 and 14 will collect the plenum of all participants in video format on


During the first two sessions we familiarize ourselves with the goals and the basics of fruitful seminar work and the preparation of seminar presentations. We decide on overarching topics of interest and form topical groups of participants that will present on related aspects of a common topic.

From December on we will start with the oral presentations on selected topics by the participants and the subsequent discussions in the plenum.

The dates for the oral presentations are: 22-12-05, 22-12-12, 22-12-19, 23-01-02, 23-01-09, 23-01-16, 23-01-23, 23-01-30 06-02-22 with the two dates on 22-12-19 and 23-01-02 in online form only. We will have up to three contributions in each session, each with a presentation of 20 minutes sharp and about 7 minutes for discussion.

Each group of presenters will have a consultation meeting on their topic 2-3 weeks prior to the presentation date and is supposed to hand in the slides one week before the presentation date for further feedback.  

Depending on Corona conditions we will meet in person in 2/N005  (NEW lecture hall, which is large enough to fit the course!) from November 28th on or in hybrid format. Only the two sessions on December 19th and January 2nd will be online only. The Corona safety regulations of TU Chemnitz will be followed.


Um der schnellen Entwicklung im Rahmen des breiten Bereichs der Materialwissenschaft Rechnung zu tragen, wird dieses Modul durch Vorlesungen von Experten mit einem aktuellen Forschungsfeld im Bereich der modernen Funktionsmaterialien gestaltet. Das Oberseminar ergänzt die Vorlesungen zu ausgewählten speziellen Themen, den zugrundeliegenden chemischen und physikalischen Vorgängen in bzw. am Material, dessen Herstellung und Charakterisierung mit dem Fokus auf Struktur-Eigenschaftsbeziehungen sowie die Strategien zur Optimierung der Materialien. Die Studierenden trainieren im Oberseminar die Arbeit mit materialwissenschaftlicher Primärliteratur und das Präsentieren eines komplexen wissenschaftlichen Themas. 

Die Studierenden erlangen gefestigte Kenntnisse in der Ausarbeitung und Präsentation wis- senschaftlicher Themenstellungen und im wissenschaftlichen Diskurs über diese Themen. Sie lernen, sich schnell und gründlich in unbekannte Themenbereiche einzuarbeiten und erlangen Einblicke in weiterführende Fachgebiete der Chemie und Physik.

Addressing the rapid development within the broad field of materials science, this module comprises lectures by experts within a current field of research in advanced functional materials. The Oberseminar complements those lectures on selected specific topics, the underlying chemical and physical processes in or on the material, and its fabrication and characterization. The focus is on structure-property relationships and on the strategies to optimize the materials. In the Oberseminar, students practice working with primary literature in materials science and presenting a complex scientific topic. 

The students acquire consolidated knowledge in the elaboration and presentation of scientific topics and in the scientific discourse on these topics. They learn to familiarize themselves quickly and thoroughly with unfamiliar topics and gain insights into more advanced fields of chemistry and physics.

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