How do stereotypes affect the career of a scientist?

TU Dresden | Sommersemester 2023 How do stereotypes affect the career of a scientist?

Which stereotypes exist and how do they affect our behavior and that of others? What consequences do stereotypes have on our career as a male/female scientist? How can we consciously deal with and react to the structural mechanisms induced by gender roles?
This interdisciplinary seminar aims at raising consciousness about existing differences that female and male scientists encounter during their career. It is directed to both men and women who want to sharpen their perception, professionalize their interactions and their appearance and take decisions based on well-defined criteria rather than stereotypes.
After finding out about prevailing stereotypes in our daily life, we will discuss concrete contexts where stereotypes strongly affect our choices: employee selection and evaluation, leadership, and career paths.

Learning Outcomes
After the successful participation in this module the students will
  • Recognize stereotype perception
  • Know the main gender differences encountered during a career in a scientific context
  • Be able to argue, based on scientific studies, against standard opinions devaluating women
  • Be empowered to make informed career choices standing social pressure for stereotypes and typical roles
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