2023 Relativistische Quantenfeldtheorie 2 (Vertiefungsfach)

TU Dresden | Sommersemester 2023

2023 Relativistische Quantenfeldtheorie 2

Youtube-Videos of the previous QFT1B Lecture focusing on spin 1/2, spin1, and gauge invariance

Youtube-Videos of the past QFT 1 Lecture (WS 2019/20) focusing on renormalization, renormalization group, non-perturbative properties


Donnerstag 2.DS ASB/114 (Lecture)

Donnerstag 6. DS ASB/114  (Lecture odd weeks, exercise even weeks)



Prof. Dr. D. Stöckinger

Planned Content:

The planned content includes topics such as:

  • path integrals,
  • quantization of Yang-Mills theories,
  • BRST and Kugo/Ojima formalisms,
  • symmetries and spontaneous symmetry breaking,
  • effective field theory


See also Lecture "Standard Model: Advanced Theory" - both QFT2 and SM: Advanced Theory are well suited for 2nd Master semester, and they will be complementary. For further comments see the lectures.

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