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2023 Hauptseminar: Insights of the pioneers of gauge theory

TU Dresden | Sommersemester 2023

2023 IKTP Hauptseminar: Insights of the pioneers of gauge theory


Hauptseminar (Master)

Wednesday 3. DS (11:10-12:40), ASB/328


Dr. Hyejung Stöckinger-Kim


Gauge theories are fundamental to describing interactions in the particle physics. We will trace the development of gauge theories by reading the early papers, which are frequently referred in quantum field theory books, and strive to understand the ideas of the pioneers and their relations.

This Hauptseminar will be an optimal complement to the lectures on quantum field theory II and Theoretical Particle Physics, and it will include topics suitable for experimentally oriented physicists such as discussion of central measurements which confirm the validity of the Standard Model.

The first meeting will be on Wednesday, 12. 4. 2023.

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