Topics in Empirical Finance

TU Dresden | Sommersemester 2024 Topics in Empirical Finance

Welcome to the course "Topics in Empirical Finance" at the Chair of Finance. The course will be offered for the second time in the summer semester 2024 and will be read by Prof. Dr. Lars Hornuf.

Module: Topics in Empirical Finance (MA-WW-BWL-0810 D-WW-WIWI-0810)

Students will examine current and annually changing research topics in the field of finance and financial services. They are able to critically evaluate the theoretical foundations, empirical results and methods used in the literature.

Qualification Objectives
Students will be able to develop their own research designs and plan them through to implementation.

Prerequisites for Participation
Knowledge of finance at the bachelor's level or as taught in Finance I and II modules is required.

Teaching Method
The module includes a seminar of at least 2 semester hours as well as self-study. The courses are to be selected from the module's catalog of offerings in the scope of 5 basic units. This catalog, including the respective required examination performances and weightings, is announced at the beginning of the semester in accordance with standard faculty practice. The module is taught in English.

The module examination consists of a presentation and a seminar paper.

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