TU Dresden | Sommersemester 2023

MA-HPSTS-6 Social Interaction and Performance

Social Psychology Module | Master Human Performance Socio Technological Systems

Welcome to this semester's HPSTS
Social Psychology module!

We are excited to explore some of the major themes of human-machine and human-human relationships in the upcoming months.

Please take the time to read this instruction before classes start.

Most importantly:
If you have any QUESTIONS 

  1. look at the materials on OPAL - especially the lecture and seminar plans
  2. ask in the Lecture or Seminar Forums
  3. contact Eileen Pauels here: sozpsy@maibox.tu-dresden.de


About the lecture:

In the lecture section, you can find a materials folder that will contain the lecture slides, lecture recordings, and, if applicable, further recommended readings. Lecture slides will be uploaded on the morning of each lecture; recordings will be uploaded by the end of each week. Additionally, there is a forum for each topic we are going to discuss, which you will use to engage with the materials and train how to think and evaluate research.

About the seminars:

In the seminar section, you can find the materials provided by the lecturer as well as the student presentations. Student presentations will be uploaded by 23.59 each Sunday before class. Lecturer materials will be uploaded by Tuesday mornings. Furthermore, there is a forum for each of our sessions in which you will contribute your questions and comments about the research we will be discussing in class.

To get access to the seminar folders, please contact Eileen Pauels (eileen.pauels@tu-dresden.de). 


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