TU Dresden | Wintersemester 2023 / 2024 Freshman orientation (ESE) FSR Verkehr 2023

Welcome to the Faculty of Transport Sciences "Friedrich List"!

We, the Student Representative Council (FSR), are very happy to welcome you as our new "freshmen" this year. We have come up with a variety of events for your first semester introduction this year. From a city rally and campus hunt to a pub crawl and our freshers' hut "Ersti-Hütte", there is once again plenty to keep you excited.

You can register here in this OPAL course for the hike, bike tour (with a rental bike if necessary) and the freshers' hut "Ersti-Hütte". For all other events, you can simply drop by, no registration is necessary. You can find all the information about the individual events and dates on our website.

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